Take time to explore these resources on understanding and enabling happiness.

Quick reads

Read about recent developments in happiness research and the insight that we have more control over our happiness than researcher previously found.

Rafael Euba from King’s Colledge London writes about Happiness: is it more important than purpose and goals? Part of the Life’s Big Questions series from The Conversation.


Listen to Dr Laurie Santos talk about what helps us feel happy, and how our own actions can be effective.

Check out The Joy Project from Radio New Zealand. From spirituality and dancing to pottery and rowing, hear from a group of New Zealanders as they share what makes them happy.


Watch Professor Martin Seligman talk about positive pscyhology, a field that examines healthy states such as happiness, strength of character, and optimism.

Watch social psychologist Alison Ledgerwood talk about kicking negative thinking to the curb so we can start focussing on the upside.


Try out Get Appy! from Allright?, which helps you improve your health and wellbeing by reminding you to do simple things that make a difference.


Check out the Happiness Lab, a series of podcasts and recommended reading from Dr Laurie Santos to help you understand the latest science and point you in the right direction to experience happiness.

Try out the happiness skills quiz that measures your concrete life skills related to your happiness.