Creative arts

A collection of ideas and resources to help you find wellbeing through creativity.

Quick reads

Read Jill Suttie’s article about how doing something creative can boost your wellbeing.

Creative project ideas from Marelisa Fabrega at Daring to Live Fully.

Read and listen to Ōrongohau—Best New Zealand Poems 2019 from the International Institute of Modern Letters.


Listen to actor and playwright Rob Mokoraka talking about using the performing arts to help alleviate the stigma attached to mental health.

Check out Start With This from Night Vale Presents creators. Each episode centres around writing topics and two short assignments, something to consume and something to create.


Watch music creativity in action from Te Kōkī New Zealand School of Music. Short performances by students in lockdown and Himawari, a short visual piece featuring imagery from the Himawari 8 satellite.

Learn how to harvest flax and weave a whetū (star) or a putiputi (rose) with Katarina Tawiri, kaitiaki of the NZ Flax collection.

Read about and watch Dylan Horrocks interview cartoonists and illustrators to see the work they’re doing during the Lockdown.

Julie Burstein interviews a filmmaker, writer, sculptor, and photographer about how to create in the face of challenge, self-doubt, and loss.

Learn how to paint with Bob Ross as he explains tools, colours, and how to paint at home following his instructions.


Try out Google Arts & Culture, an app that enables you to take a virtual tour over over 2,000 cultural institutions to explore art, history, people and wonders of the world.


Why colouring mandalas is great for stress relief—here's how to get started.

Try out this activity from the J. Paul Getty Museum, recreating famous artworks using random house objects.