Ideas about courage to get you inspired and reflect on your own courage to learn new things, meet new people, and be in new places.

He iti te mokoroa, nāna i kati te kahikatea. The mokoroa (grub) may be small, but it cuts through the kahikatea.

Quick reads

Read about and watch the courageous stories of former refugee women living in New Zealand.

Read about the art of the courageous ‘rumble’, feeling brave, afraid, vulnerable and ready to listen with the same passion with which we want to be heard.


Listen to an interview about ‘the biggest critic of me is me’, investigating your inner critic and how to make it less punishing.


Watch Brene Brown’s movie The Call to Courage, discussing what it takes to choose courage over comfort.

The courage to really listen and talk about what’s going on within intergenerational communication.


Check out these exercises where you can kōrero about wellbeing in your whare or talanoa about wellbeing in your fale.

Try keeping a gratitude journal to help you combat the inner critic and approach your feelings from a place of curiosity and acceptance.