Eat well

Access a range of recipes, how to guides, and activities to encourage you to prepare and eat affordable and healthy food.

Quick reads

NZ tested recipes and tools for affordable and easy eating.

Recipes using ingredients for Pasifika themed meals.

How to read food labels when you’re shopping.

Learn about portion sizes and how to estimate them.

Read about healthy eating on a budget including using seasonal veges, portion sizes, use by dates and alternative sources of protein.

Read the latest nutrition facts for different food groups.


Basic preparation and cooking techniques video for common NZ vegetables.

What’s the best diet? Healthy Eating 101 video with Dr Mike Evans telling you what he would say if you had an appointment with him in the clinic.


Easy Eat Diary app recommended by Health Navigator helps monitor food intake for energy intake and exercise.


Test out the Veg Up Pizza assignment worksheet to help you learn about eating more veggies in your diet.