Acknowledge how you are feeling

It is normal to feel anxious, stressed, and scared during this transition time. Allow yourself to notice and express whatever emotions you are feeling.

Quick reads

Getting Through Together is a set of online resources to help you look after yourself.

Read about why accepting our emotions can help our mental wellbeing.

Read about how self-compassion can help your mental wellbeing during difficult times.

Chaplaincy support information for people of all faiths and beliefs.


Watch a short video about how to process your emotions from the School of Life

Julie Burstein interviews a filmmaker, writer, sculptor, and photographer about how to create in the face of challenge, self-doubt, and loss.

Watch young New Zealanders talk about what it’s like to be unemployed in New Zealand.


Listen to Nick Wagnall talking about dealing with troubling thoughts and treating yourself like you would a good friend.

Listen to Dr Emma Woodward talk about calming the anxious brain and practising strategies for times of difficulty.

Listen to Kelly McGonigal talk about using stress to your own benefit.

Listen to Sulyman Qardash talk about voicing emotions through the expressive writing technique he developed.


Try out the Melon app that provides a journal to track sleep, mood, and activity, resources, and tools to increase self-awareness around your wellbeing.

Try out Just a Thought that has a free online course specifically for supporting your wellbeing during COVID-19.