Read first-hand accounts of people finding the courage to be true to themselves, and advice on how to find and be true to your own identity.

Quick reads

Check out the rainbow students page including information, resources, help, and events for students who identify with diverse sexual orientations and sex gender identities.

Read Ashleigh’s story about being fa’afafine and her research into fa’afafine and whakawāhine here at the University.

Āwhina is the on-campus whānau for Māori students to work together to share knowledge, achieve academic success, and build strong communities and leaders.

Pasifika Student Success provides supportive environments and services for every stage of your journey, whether you’re a new student or in your final year.

Information and support for students from a refugee background.


Listen to Speak Up—Kōrerotia, a podcast from the Human Rights Commission about unconscious bias.

Listen to rongoa Māori practitioner David Kukutai Jones talking about traditional Māori healing.


Watch Ashleigh’s experiences of being fa’afafine through her own eyes and the eyes of her family.

Watch this video from the Human Rights Commission about being an upstander.


Aroha is a new app chatbot to help you manage your worries and cope with stress.