Live well

Setting routines, study/life balance, problem solving, and competing priorities are our workshop topics for ‘Live well’.

All of the content in our online resources aligns with the messages in our weekly wellbeing workshops.

Setting routines

Study/life balance

Problem solving

  • Talk to Aunty Dee, a free online tool for anyone who needs some help working through a problem or problems.
  • Try out SimpleMind+ and organise your thoughts and ideas by creating mind maps.
  • Dr Lucy Hones writes about ‘way-power’, the art of identifying obstacles and planning for alternatives using your strengths.

Competing priorities


This content aligns with the messages in our ‘Habits’ wellbeing workshop. Go to our workshops page to view the full programme of upcoming events.

Sometimes, you will need support and guidance from health professionals to help you through tough times. Reach out and seek support when you need to.

There are free health and wellbeing services on campus and outside of the University that provide support and information to students.