Plan well

Curated ideas to help you establish your own routines to optimise your study time when you’re feeling under pressure.

Quick Read

Read about the power of routines in your daily life by Mariana Plata.

Read about resilience strategies that are transferrable to any crisis or high-pressure situation.

Read about career options on Career View that has detailed information about skills and career pathways.


Watch Judson Brewer talk about habit development and tactics to help you prevent and break bad habits through mindfulness.


Listen to Dr Gretchen Rubin talk about happiness and good habits.

Listen to Professor Barbara Oakley talk about learning how to learn, including boosting memory and neutralising procrastination.

Listen to a podcast about how to actually get work done at home from 10% happier.


If your problems are getting you down, messing you up or just plain muddling with your brain, talk to Aunty Dee.


Try out this worksheet on refuelling the tank—fuel in, fuel out.

Have a go at the 'Working backwards to a solution' worksheet, with transferable skills for assignments and essays.