Life after graduation

No matter where you're heading, university gives you the opportunity to develop skills you can take away with you after you graduate.

Your path after study

No matter where you’re heading, university gives you the opportunity to develop skills for the future:

  • focus on learning and growing your skills
  • be open to opportunities when they come
  • talk to the Careers team—they have great ideas and advice.

The Chaos Theory of Careers

Dr Jim Bright co-author of the Chaos Theory of Careers, explains the theory and how it provides a new approach and a new language to describe the realities of careers in a fast-faced, changeable and uncertain world.

You don't always need to have a plan

It’s less important to have a detailed plan, and more important to:

  • get comfortable with change and uncertainty
  • keep learning and growing your skills
  • be ready to grab opportunities when they come.

Exploring your career opportunities

Getting an understanding what you can do with your degree and what career opportunities you'll have when you graduate can help you assess whether you are studying the right degree.

Careers and employment

Careers and employment have information on possible career paths for some of the more popular subject areas. The Career View publications include profiles of students who have studies these subjects and how their studies helped them to find a career path.

You can also find out where Victoria University of Wellington graduates are working and explore the graduate employment opportunities that may be available when you graduate.

Careers advice

Individual career guidance is available at Careers and Employment to help with career planning, decision-making and job applications.

Professionally-trained careers consultants, can help with a wide range of queries—from the general exploration of career ideas and the implications of your subject choices, to details of specific jobs, specialised postgraduate courses, careers information, employer profiles and job-searching techniques.

Book an appointment with a careers consultant

Speak to someone

Mauri Ora—Health and Counselling

Monday to Friday, 8.30 am–5.00 pm
Level 1, Student Union Building, Kelburn campus

The path isn't a straight line. It's a spiral. You continually come back to things you though you understood and see deeper truths.

Barry H. Gillespie