Get IT savvy

Technology is a big part of studying at university. Familiarise yourself with our systems and find other recommended tools to support your learning.

As a student at Victoria University of Wellington you will be expected to use email to communicate with staff members and fellow students, use the library online database to search for resources and use Blackboard or Turnitin to submit your assignments. Visit the Digital Solutions page to find out what is available for you.

Your student username

As a student you will have been provided with a username to log in to various systems, including any computers on campus. Usually this is six letters from your last name followed by four letters from your first name. Your offer of study will also have this information.


Victoria University of Wellington uses Blackboard as a Learning Management System.

If you can log in to Blackboard, you may already find some information for your course available. Find out what weekly readings you have, and see if the course outline is available already. Some lecturers also post their Powerpoint slides before the lecture.

You may also need to signup for tutorials in the first week. You will do this through myAllocator.

Microsoft Office

You should be familiar with using a word processor to write up your assignments. As a student at the University, you can get Microsoft Office for free.

If you are unsure about using some of the Microsoft Office programmes, check out the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

If you have a Wellington City Library card, you can also access all the training programmes available at for free.

Apps and software recommended by students


Quizlet allows you to make flashcards and quizzes. You can create your own to use, or search the study sets created by others.

eXtra Voice Recorder

If you prefer to record lectures to listen to them later, this recording software could be useful for you. It's available for iPhone, iPad and Mac from the iOS App Store ($1.99) and the Mac App Store ($4.99).


This is a free flashcard app. Flashcards are useful to review definitions and vocabulary. Available from the iOS App Store and from Google Play.

Pomodoro Timer

A handy app to make sure study is effective with breaks. Available for free (with ads) or for $4.99 from the iOS App Store.