Dr TJ Boutorwick

Learning Adviser · Kaiārahi Ako
Student Learning · Te Taiako


BA (Japanese Language and Culture) Eastern Michigan University, M.S.Ed. (TESOL) Temple University Japan Campus, PhD Well

I have taught English to tertiary-level students in Japan and Aotearoa New Zealand prior to my current job at Victoria University of Wellington. My research interests focus on optimizing learning experiences for students. My PhD research investigated different approaches to reading and their effects on vocabulary learning. I am an avid freestyle footbagger, a native app developer, and an amateur botanist.


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  • Coxhead, A., & Boutorwick, T. (2018). Longitudinal vocabulary development in an EMI international school context: Learners and texts in EAL, Maths and Science. TESOL Quarterly, 52(3), 588-610. doi:10.1002/tesq.450
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