Pricing schedule

View Student Health's pricing schedule for a full list of service costs.

Charges effective from 10th August 2020.

General consultations

  Registered with Student Health International student
Doctor—standard consultation No charge $72
Nurse—standard consultation No charge $36
Doctor—ACC consultation No charge $36
Nurse—ACC consultation No charge $36
Doctor—clinical triageNo charge$36
Nurse—clinical triageNo charge$18

Other service charges

  Registered with Student Health International student
Prescription repeat (all urgent scripts incur $10 fee) No charge or $10 $18
Did not attend (DNA) charge, standard consultation $19.50 $19.50
Skin specialist consultation $85 $151
Travel consultation (30 minutes) + cost of vaccines $85 $85
Electrocardiogram (ECG) $25 $35
Medicals—diving, driving, other (30 minutes) $85 $85
Antarctic medical $200 $200
Minor surgery + consumables $125 $200
IUD insertion or removal (cost of device additional) No charge $85
Implant insertion or removal (cost of device additional) No charge $85
Aegrotat appointment* (follow-up appointments free) No charge $85

*Aegrotat appointment for domestic students not registered with Student Health: $40

Consumables and vaccinations

  All patients
Boostrix* $35
Cholera $72
Dressings $10 - $20
Hepatitis A $101
Hepatitis B* $27
Hepatitis A and B $97
Hepatitis A and typhoid $139
Human papillomavirus (HPV)* $190
Kenacort (steroid ini) $20
Liquid nitrogen $10
Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR)No charge
Meningococcal - ACYW-135 (Menactra is free for eligible students^)$103      
Pneumococcal* $74
Polio* $74
Rabies $137
Tetanus/Diptheria* $25
Typhoid $70
Varicella $85

*May be eligible for funding in certain circumstances.

^ From December 2019, students aged 13–25 years old who are eligible for publicly funded healthcare in New Zealand and who are in their first year of living in tertiary halls of residence can have the Menactra vaccine (A,C,Y,W-135) given for free.

All prices displayed are subject to change without notice. Prices for minor surgery are indicative only and may change depending on the complexity of the procedure and any additional consumables that may be needed. All prices are GST inclusive.