Student support coordinators

Our committed team of SSC’s provide support to students residing in University Halls of Residence. How to make an appointment and find out more about the team.

Student support coordinators (SSCs)

The student support coordinators (SSCs) are registered health professionals who provide a confidential service for hall residents experiencing any health or wellbeing issues that may impact on their ability to manage the demands of their living and academic environments. The purpose and role of the SSC's is:

  • To provide the halls of residence students easy access to counselling support to manage and resolve issues affecting their learning, personal development and University experience.
  • To provide consultation to non-clinical accommodation staff in coordinating support for students with complex needs.
  • To be part of a preventative wellbeing package of training for RA's at the beginning of each year and offer ongoing education through the year.
  • To offer pastoral support to those halls based students who have been victim or alleged perpetrator of sexually harmful behaviour while they move through the complaints process.
  • To promote and advocate for the independence and empowerment of halls students in making informed choices about their care and education.
  • To liaise with internal and external service providers to ensure that student's identified needs/goals, both academic and wellbeing related, are being met.

If you want to meet with an SSC, you need to complete the SSC intake form and return it by email to—one of the SSCs will be in touch.

The team


Kia ora, I'm Ashley. I am originally from the United States of America but I have been living abroad since 2013. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and my Master's degree in Social Work. My professional path as a Social Worker has allowed me to work alongside individuals, families, and communities from different backgrounds in a variety of contexts within the US, Singapore, and New Zealand. I feel fortunate to be back in the university environment supporting students to successfully navigate their academic journey and achieve their full potential. One aspect that I love about working with students is engaging in a collaborative process to address their wellbeing, strengths, and goals. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, yoga, spending time outside, and eating spicy food. I can be contacted via email.


Kia ora, I’m Ben. After four years working with ‘at risk’ children and young adults, I completed my Master of Social Work in 2007, and trained in solution-focused therapy in 2012.  I worked with ‘at risk’ youth and children in care as a social worker in the United Kingdom until 2013, and here in Aotearoa since then, as well as two years working for ACC on complex cases. Here at this University, I work with students from a solution-focused and strengths perspective, mindful of the qualities that have brought them this far. It’s great to work with such a wonderful, driven and diverse group of young adults as they figure out how to make their big plans a reality. I’m a music fan, play a bit of piano, dabble in some creative writing,  and love cycling, running and the beach life with my family. I can be contacted via email.


Kia ora, I’m Hester. I am a registered counsellor with experience working in high schools and universities. I love working with young people from diverse backgrounds and supporting them to make the most out of life by embracing the opportunities available to them and overcoming obstacles along the way. I am available for queries big and small, related to wellbeing, health, academia and anything else that might crop up in this exciting and challenging time of life. Outside of this University, I am passionate about cooking, music, travel and my family and friends. I can be contacted via email.


Kia ora, I’m Jess. I am a registered social worker who has worked with children, young people and families all over New Zealand. I moved to Wellington for this role and love the uphill walks and outdoor adventures that are available in the greater Wellington region. I enjoy working at the Halls as I like meeting new people, making connections and supporting and empowering young people during difficult times in their lives. I value and accept people for who they are and appreciate finding out about their unique strengths. I can be contacted via email. I can be contacted via email.