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University of Wollongong

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Subject areas

Architecture, Commerce, Design, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, Music, Science, Health


Australia, Oceania (Australia/Pacific)

Language of instruction


Level of study

Both UG/PG

Additional information

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Undergraduate students choose subject codes between 100–400
(i.e. 1st – 4th year subjects).
Postgraduate students choose subject codes between 800–900.

Exchange length

1 or 2 Trimesters

Course load

To meet the requirements of a student visa, Study Abroad and Exchange students must enroll in a minimum of 18 credit points and a maximum of 32 credit points per semester. Postgraduate business students must enroll in a maximum of three subjects per trimester.

In determining your individual program, you should note that:

– subjects are offered on a credit point basis
– a normal full-time course load is 48 credit points over two sessions, or 24 credit points for one session (in either February or July session), or 12 credit points in Summer session.

6 UOW credits = 15 VUW points.

Exchange restrictions

When choosing subjects, note that many subjects at the Wollongong campus are ONLY offered in either Session 1 (February) or Session 2 (July).
Postgraduate business subjects are offered by UOW’s Sydney Business School at the Wollongong and Sydney campuses on a trimester system. Trimesters begin in February, May, and August.

Students enrol in three subjects (18 credit points) per trimester.
Students must decide whether they wish to study at the Wollongong
or Sydney campus, and only select subjects available at that campus.
Students cannot select subjects in a Wollongong or Sydney-based
program that includes both trimesters and semesters.