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University of Texas at Austin

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Subject areas

Commerce, Design, Engineering, Health, Humanities and Social Sciences, Music, Science


United States of America, North America

Language of instruction


Level of study

Both UG/PG

Additional information

Exchange length

1 or 2 Trimesters

Course load

A full-time course load at UT is 12 credit hours of undergraduate courses (usually 4 courses). 3 credits = 15 VUW points.

You determine the credit hours by looking at the course number. The first digit of the course number indicates the credit value of the course in semester hours. Courses numbered 201 through 299 have a value of two semester hours; 301 through 399, a value of three semester hours; and so on. Generally, the last two digits indicate the rank of the course; if they are 01 through 19, the course is of lower-division rank; if 20 through 79, of upper-division rank; and if 80 through 99, of graduate rank.

Generally 100/200 level lower division courses transfer as Victoria 100 level and 300/400 level upper division courses transfer as 200/300 level.

Exchange restrictions

Classes in the McCombs School of Business are extremely limited (two maximum and only under special circumstances).