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National University of Singapore, University-wide

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Architecture, Design, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, Music, Science


Singapore, Asia

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Forensic Science Minor:
This can only be completed for your Victoria BSc through one semester of exchange at the National University of Singapore. You need to have completed or be completing one of the following courses BMSC/BIOL 244, CHEM 201, BMSC/BIOL 241. You must apply by the Vic OE July deadline and the study starts in January of the following year.
For further information contact the Associate Dean Shona de Sain(

Exchange length

1 or 2 Trimesters

Course load

NUS works with Modular Credits (MCs); NUS students usually take 5 courses comprising a total of 20 Modular credits per semester, spending an average of 50 hours of study per week over 13 weeks of classes.

VUW has established that 18 MCs is the equivalent of 60 VUW credits,. 1 MC = 3 VUW credits.

Exchange students are required to take a minimum of 12 modular credits (MCs) per semester (approximately 3 modules) and no more than 20 MCs (approximately 5 modules), regardless of whether these modules are set to audit or examinable.

1000 and 2000 level should transfer at 100 level, and 3000 and 4000 at either 200 or 300 level.
4 modules per semester

Exchange restrictions

* Please note that modules from the NUS Business School are extremely popular, over-subscribed and cannot be guaranteed. Students must be majoring in business at their home university in order to be considered eligible for Business modules. If you have not been offered Business modules at the point of initial acceptance (first week of June or November), you will not be able to add the module during the Add/Drop period.

Please check the NUS website for up-to-date restrictions and prerequisite information: click here.

Courses available to exchange students: click here., scroll to Item 2: Module Selection and Enrollment and click on the blue link List of available modules