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HEC Montréal

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Canada, North America

Language of instruction

English, French, Spanish

Level of study


Additional information

HEC Montréal, the affiliated Business School of the Université de Montréal, is a French university offering internationally renowned management education and research in French, English and Spanish.

In the BBA Program , the curriculum is in French but there is a wide selection of courses taught in English, and even in Spanish. Students may study only one language (grammar) course while at HEC Montreal.

Exchange length

1 or 2 Trimesters

Course load

Exchange students can only take courses from the B.B.A. program.

Semester Dates: (Term 1) August to December, (Term 2) January to April

Workload for exchange students to comply with HEC Montréal regulations:
>Minimum: 12 credits (4 courses, may include 1 language course)
>Maximum: 18 credits (5 business courses plus 1 language course)
>No more than 5 business courses are allowed per semester
>No more than 1 language course is allowed per semester

Course codes:
Course code starting by 2 = 2nd & 3rd year of B.B.A. (ex: 2-000-00)
Course code starting by 3 = 3rd & 4th year of B.B.A. (ex: 3-000-00)

Language of instruction:
Codes for courses in English end with the letter A (example: 2-100-00A – Marketing Management).
Codes for courses in Spanish end with the letter E (example: 2-100-00E – Fundamentos de mercadotecnia).
Codes for courses in French don't have a letter at the end (example: 2-100-00 – Marketing).

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