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Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

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Subject areas

Commerce, Design, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, Music, Science


Italy, Europe

Language of instruction

Italian, English

Level of study

Both UG/PG

Additional information

UCSC University Academic Curriculum:
- Students will be allowed to take classes from LAUREA TRIENNALE* and LAUREA MAGISTRALE
- Students will be allowed to take classes from all the Faculties/Departments
- Note that the faculty of law offers ONLY year-long courses
- Student are advised to enrol in the pre-session intensive Italian language course since classes and exams are totally run in Italian
- Students will not have to register for courses; they will be required to register for examination
- Course attendance is not mandatory
- Students may opt among three possible final examination dates for most of the courses
*N.B.: courses offered in English the first 2 years of the LAUREA TRIENNALE in ECONOMICS/MANAGEMENT will have limited spaces available and UCSC cannot guarantee registration for these courses. Restrictions are however lifted for all 3rd years courses and at the LAUREA MAGISTRALE.

UCSC International Curriculum:
- The International Curriculum courses are elective courses within the Facoltà di Scienze Linguistiche e Letterature Straniere degree course. Elective courses account for 6 ECTS although the courses have a total 45 contact hours. Erasmus+ students are allowed to take one course from the International Curriculum and will likely have to complement their course load with UCSC Academic Curriculum Courses in order to satisfy their home institution course load requirements
- Students will be asked to pay an activity registration fee of 25 € (except for participants on a Direct-Enrolment)
- Non-E.U. students taking courses within the International Curriculum usually enrol in 4 area courses and 1 of the Italian Language options (intensive or semester)
- Students will receive all the information related to course schedule and registration instructions about six weeks before the beginning of classes
- Students will be required to register for courses before their arrival. We are revising our course registration process. Detailed information will be sent directly to students
- Students will be required to regularly attend courses. They will have one midterm and final examination

Exchange length

1 or 2 Trimesters

Course load

Exchange restrictions