Improving health and wellbeing

Victoria University of Wellington is working to improve New Zealanders’ health and wellbeing, drawing on our research and connections with government, District Health Boards, and NGOs, including Māori and Pacific organisations.

What we do

Victoria University of Wellington researchers are improving health and wellbeing in communities through research and engagement—watch the video from the former chair Professor Gregor Coster.

Improving health and wellbeing in our communities

“Health and wellbeing” means much more than simply the absence of illness and infirmity, encompassing a broader state of mental and social wellbeing.

Victoria University of Wellington already has many academic units involved in health and wellbeing research. Thanks to our proximity to central government, District Health Boards, and many NGOs, we are also making major contributions to understanding how health outcomes can be improved by better policy settings, increased education, new technology, and reduced inequality.

Our capability is multidisciplinary. We are working to improve health and wellbeing in our communities by coordinating research and teaching across three key areas: Science, Engineering and Design; Health Services and Policy; Arts, Education, Business and Society.

Te Aukume—Improving Health and Wellbeing

The use of ‘au’ meaning current and movement and te aukume meaning to prolong or extend out and in this case, health and wellbeing.

Our research

Victoria University of Wellington’s health and wellbeing capability is wide-ranging—covering science, policy, education, business, the humanities and social sciences.

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Centres, institutes and schools

The multidisciplinary research centres, institutes and schools at Victoria University of Wellington provide a platform for our world leading researchers to collaborate and focus on significant research challenges related to Improving health and wellbeing in our communities.

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