Spearheading digital futures

The possibilities presented by the digital age are multifaceted, exciting and complex. From information-sharing, shopping and learning, to how we work, travel and live, our world is increasingly impacted by digital technologies.

Victoria University of Wellington will be a leader in imagining and exploring the possibilities of a digital age. We have the knowledge and capability to design technologies that will enable a digital future, the expertise to understand and communicate what a digital future will mean for individuals, organisations and society and a mandate to prepare young people to be educated citizens in a digital society.

Researchers from all disciplines at the University are collaborating to explore and find solutions to the many challenges and opportunities associated with our digital future.

Te Aumatihiko—Spearheading Digital Futures

This is literally drawing on ‘au’ meaning current and movement, in this case in to the future. Matihiko is the Māori word for digital.

Students using VR for Techweek 2019 events organised by the University

Techweek 2019 events

Showcasing the University's expertise in the field of innovative technology, debates about the impact of AI and the chance to explore cutting-edge realities will be held during the nationwide event.

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Education in 2050

Education and computing experts from Victoria University of Wellington offered glimpses into the future of education in 2050 at a workshop considering the impact of digital technologies on education over the next 30 years.

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Professor Neil Dodgson and Education in 2050 workshop.

Living in the digital age

The internet is an increasingly important part of our daily lives—but do we understand how to protect our personal information and stay safe online?

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Collaborative research projects

More research

Our research

Our capability at the University covers a wide range of relevant areas including digital government, education, film, design, science, engineering and computer science, maths and statistics and law.

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Aerial shot of Wellington CBD
Professor Mengjie Zhang

Learning from nature to create the future

Professor of Computer Science Mengjie Zhang is applying biological evolution theories to the artificial to create more effective AI and improve machine learning.

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Centres, institutes and chairs

The multidisciplinary research centres, institutes and chairs at Victoria University of Wellington provide a platform for our world leading researchers to collaborate and focus on significant research challenges related to Spearheading digital futures.

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