Enabling our Asia–Pacific trading nation

The Asia–Pacific region has increasing relevance for New Zealand. Many of our most important economic trading partners are located in the region, and especially on the Pacific Rim. Politically and culturally, our ties to the Asia–Pacific are strengthening and deepening.

Victoria University of Wellington is ideally positioned to be New Zealand’s internationally recognised centre for expertise, learning, engagement and capacity building for advancing our economic relations with the Asia–Pacific. We are undertaking research, teaching and analysis that addresses contemporary issues and challenges. Our breadth of knowledge and diverse expertise allows us to take a holistic approach in these areas, further enabling New Zealand to be a significant force in the Asia–Pacific region.

Ngā Tahā a Kiwa—Enabling Asia–Pacific Trading Nations

Ngā Tahā a Kiwa literally means ‘the calabashes of Kiwa’. Māori would preserve foods in gourds as they were light and transportable and these became trading commodities. Kiwa is in reference to Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa (Pacific Ocean) that links New Zealand, the Pacific and Asian nations.

Research projects

Our research

Our capability in strengthening New Zealand’s connections in the Asia–Pacific region ranges from trade, investment, finance and politics to languages, history, culture and law.

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Centres, institutes and chairs

The multidisciplinary research centres, institutes and chairs at the University provide a platform for our world leading researchers to collaborate and focus on significant research challenges related to Enabling our Asia–Pacific trading nation.

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