The Stout Research Centre for New Zealand Studies was established at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington to facilitate, encourage, and coordinate academic learning and research into New Zealand society, history, and culture. It is home to the Museum and Heritage Studies programme, the leading programme of its kind in New Zealand.

The Centre hosts the JD Stout Fellow along with independent scholars from the community.

Stout seminar series

The Centre hosts a series of seminars covering aspects of social, historical and cultural impacts on New Zealand.

Watch the 2021 JD Stout lecture

Nick Bollinger presents his research on the rise of the counterculture in this country and some of the reasons for its fall.

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He Whenua Haumako—Enriching National Culture

Literally means ‘fertile lands’ is drawn from the notion that for tangata whenua, identity is located in our land. As diverse as our geographical features are in this country so too are the components that contribute to our national culture.

JD Stout Fellow for 2021

Nick Bollinger is a writer, critic and broadcaster. He has been a music columnist for The Listener and presenter of the music review programme The Sampler on RNZ National.

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