Anna Green

Associate Professor in History
Stout Research Centre

Teaching in 2020


BA (Hons), MA (University of British Columbia), PhD (Auckland)

Administrative responsibilities

  • Editor, Journal of New Zealand Studies
  • Member of Joint Research Committee
  • Postgraduate supervision

Current project

  • A Marsden-funded three year research project entitled 'The Missing Link: New Zealand European/Pākehā Intergenerational Family Memory'
  • The second edition of Cultural History, Macmillan Palgrave.
  • with Cooper, T., a book on the Torrey Canyon Disaster.

Selected publications

Green, Anna and Hamilton, Paula. ‘Editor’s Introduction’ to thematic issue ‘The Family as Mnemonic Community’, The Journal of New Zealand Studies, vol. 29, 2 (2019): 1-2.

Green, Anna. ‘Why Family Memories and Stories Matter’. The Journal of New Zealand Studies, vol. 29, 2 (2019): 3-19.

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Green, A., 'Grandparents, communicative memory and narrative identity', Oral History, 47, 1 (Spring 2019), pp. 81-82.

Green, A., ‘Intergenerational Family Memory and Historical Consciousness’ in Anna Clark and Carla Peck, eds, Contemplating Historical Consciousness: Notes from the Field (Berghahn, 2019), pp. 200-211.

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PhD supervision

  • New Zealand oral history
  • Twentieth-century family and community history
  • Labour history of work and working conditions in New Zealand

Teaching in 2020