Massive open online course

Find out more about the massive open online course, Ethical Leadership in a Changing World.

Over 2000 learners from 131 countries enrolled in New Zealand's first massive open online course (MOOC) about ethical leadership, during July and August 2019.

Enjoy the taster video above and then visit to view the course.

Individuals, organisations and society all benefit from ethical leadership. But, what makes an ethical leader, and why is their approach so important to organisations? This online course is an introduction to the theories and practices of ethical leadership, with a focus on organisations. Drawing on New Zealand case studies — one of the least corrupt countries in the world — this course will enable you to recognise the role of ethics in organisational decision-making, analyse the actions of leaders from an ethical perspective, and learn to become an ethical leader yourself.

The course content is all online in the format of short videos and texts with additional readings available too. The discussion boards and quizzes are not currently live but the course is available online to work through at your own pace.

All types of learners are encouraged to take part!

What you'll learn:

  • to understand the meaning and importance of ethical leadership for business organisations.
  • to recognise the role of ethics in organisational decision-making.
  • to analyse the actions of leaders within organisations, from an ethical point of view.
  • to apply ethical theories to the practices of leadership.
  • to reflect on your own ethical practices and actions in both present and future leadership roles.

Here are some comments from learners who took part in the first live run of the course during July and August 2019.

"It is hard to pick out one aspect that I enjoyed the most. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it but if I had to pick out the most enjoyable I would say that it was being able to listen to the views, opinions and experiences of the practitioners. I found all the presenters interesting to listen to and found their viewpoint enlightening. I also loved the students talking about what they were looking for in a work place. All of them really just wanted basic human rights - it is that simple."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The concept of holding the ethical values and morals high will help becoming and ethical leader. Being ethical at home and society will make you an ethical leader at work. This course actually made me aware of some of my unethical behaviours and I have taken actions to correct myself in those areas and started moving slowly towards being an ethical person."

"The interactive nature of program using short video clips along with the rolling text. I've not seen that before in online learning and it worked well. The ability to access the transcripts too was great. I liked the other independent readings on offer also."