Dr Richard Norman

Adjunct Research Fellow
School of Management


Dr Richard Norman teaches human resources management, and training and development, with a particular focus on New Zealand public sector organisations, and is also currently the Discipline Head in this area.

His research focus has been on the impact of employment change on a medium-sized city such as Wellington, considering issues such as:

  • How can people, organisations and public sector organisations adapt sufficiently quickly to technology change which is bringing a 'fourth industrial revolution' and major upheaval for occupations which can be carried out through computers or robots?
  • How can a 'secondary' city such as Wellington rethink its work base to survive and thrive in this era of rapid change, and avoid being overshadowed by mega cities such as Auckland?

With support from Wellington Regional Council and Grow Wellington, this research has involved Human Resource Management students taking part in field work about changing work (see the Working Capital website for findings).

Dr Norman's previous research on performance management challenges of the decentralised model adopted by the New Zealand public management model in the late 1980s-1990s included completion of a PhD and book entitled Obedient Servants? Management freedoms and accountabilities in the New Zealand public sector (Victoria University Press, 2003).


PhD, Master of Public Policy, BA, Wellington

Selected publications and presentations


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Books/scholarly editions

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Conference presentations and conference contributions

Norman, R. New Public Management’s impact on capital cities – new economic and employment challenges for Wellington, New Zealand. Paper accepted for presentation to the 20th anniversary conference of the International Public Management Network, University of St Gallen, Switzerland. Accepted for publication in Policy Quarterly, late 2016.

Stevens, M. and Norman R. Industry Expectations of Soft Skills in IT Graduates. A Regional Survey. Presented by Matt Stevens at the ACE 2016 (Australasian Computing Education) conference, Canberra, February 2-5.

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Published conference papers

Norman, R.J., 'Dilemmas of New Governance: Post reform issues in New Zealand's public sector', Conference of the British Public Administration Committee, (2005).

Norman, R.J., 'Performance Budgeting in New Zealand', International Monetary Fund, (2005).

Working and occasional papers

Norman, R. Wellington’s digital sector – growing under the radar. A 24 page report prepared for the Wellington Regional Strategy, Wellington Regional Council, October 2015.

Norman, R. and Oakden, J. Wellington’s knowledge economy – coming to grips with technology change. Published for Wellington Regional Strategy, June 2014.

Norman, R. and Stace, D., The Rich Agenda of Public Sector Change (Sydney, Centre for Corporate Change, Australian Graduate School of Management, University of New South Wales, 1998), Paper 94, 32pp.

Edited books

Norman R (May 2007) (editor) Shaping the Future. A record of legacies created by Sir Roy McKenzie, 52 pp. Published by Victoria University of Wellington and the Rotary Club of Wellington.

Norman, R. (2008) Managing Performance – New Challenges for Central Agencies. The Case of New Zealand. Published in Holy Grail or Achievable Quest. International Perspectives on Public Sector Performance Management. Published by KPMG International in association with the Commonwealth Association of Public Administration and Management, Institute of Public Administration of Australia, and Institute of Public Administration of Canada.

Chapter in books

Norman, R. (2011) Re-defining ‘Public Value’ in New Zealand’s Performance Management System, Chapter 12 in Public Value: Theory and Practice. Edited by John Benington and Mark Moore, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, United Kingdom.

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