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Head of Tourism Management Group School of Management


Teaching in 2020

Research interests

Futurology, Scenario Planning, Trends, Consumers, Revenue Management, Pricing and Forecasting


Ian Yeoman is the professional crystal ball gazer or futurologist specializing in travel and tourism. Ian learned his trade as the scenario planner for VisitScotland where he established the process of futures thinking within the organisation using a variety of techniques including economic modelling, trends analysis and scenario construction.

Ian was a Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality Management at Edinburgh Napier University and University College, Birmingham. He has extensive experience within the hospitality industry, for which he was a hotel manager with Trusthouse Forte.

Ian has a PhD in Operations Research from Edinburgh Napier University, a postgraduate teaching certificate from Victoria University of Wellington and a BSc (Hons) in Catering Systems from Sheffield Hallam University.

Ian is editor of the Journal of Revenue & Pricing Management, co-editor of the Journal of Tourism Futures and editor of Channelview’s Tourism Futures book series. He is the author and co-editor of 18 books including the 'Future of Food Tourism', '2050: Tomorrows Tourism'; 'Tomorrows Tourist; and The Future of Events and Festivals and a large collection of papers in leading journals. He is a popular key note speaker at international conferences on a variety of topics from the Future of Music Festivals to Tomorrows Tourist.

Ian holds Visiting Professor post’s at Ulster University and the European Tourism Futures Institute and is a Visiting Research Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University

He lives on the Kapiti coast with his family and is New Zealand's largest importer of Sunderland AFC football memorabilia.


BSc (Hons) Sheffield Hallam University; PhD Napier University Edinburgh

Areas of potential PhD supervision

Scenario Planning
Futures, Trends
Revenue Management

Research Supervision

PhD supervision

Are Artists and Producers Serious Event Tourists? – Sandra Goh

Volunteers and Business Tourism Events – Hongxia Qui

Master of Tourism Management thesis

The Future of the Shared Economy – Arya Galih Anindita

Blogs Perception of Key Tourism Markets – Bernadeth Petriana

Chi Pant as a Community Tourism Destination: Criteria’s for Success – Sophea Tieng

A Scenario Analysis of the German Spa Tourist - Natalie Wolf

The Wellington Waterfront and Tourism Development - Thi Hong Hanh Nguyen


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