Mark Frampton

For Mark, studying public policy nicely complemented his work experience and led him into government work.

Mark Frampton

My introduction to, and interest in, policy analysis came about through a series of interactions with government officials when I was working for an industry advocacy group. I found it very interesting working with policy advisers, seeking to influence and help shape policy options on an issue that affected virtually all New Zealanders. When the chance came up to work in central government as a policy analyst, I jumped at it and I continue to find the responsibilities associated with government activities that affect our lives very rewarding.

Because I am not a career public servant, the School of Government Post Experience courses in Public Policy have really complemented my work experience and have eased the transition from the private sector into government. I have also been fortunate to work for a department that provides development opportunities and the chance to move among teams to learn from job experience. I regularly consider and apply concepts learned at the school on policy projects. The course material and lectures have also all been up-to-date and pertinent to policy projects I am working on.

Understanding policy analysis at the level taught on the programme now allows me to contribute to practical problems outside my background and I would recommend the course to any adviser wanting to work outside their area of expertise.

Mark Frampton is currently Principal Advisor to the Director of the Ministry for Civil Defence. He has had a diverse career starting as a Trade Certified Automotive Engineer in 1982. He is also a Trained Nurse and has a Certificate in Management. Mark left his hometown of Christchurch in 1985 and spent 12 years working in Sydney before moving to Japan for three years. He gained a BA in Japanese from the University of Canterbury in 2004 and moved to Wellington soon after to take a Project Manager position with a trade association. Mark has been working in the public sector since 2008 and completed his Master of Public Policy degree in 2013.