Wahyutama Wahyutama

Social media and youth political participation in Indonesia

Wahyutama (Wahyu), PhD student
Wahyutama (Wahyu), PhD student

Email: Wahyutama.Wahyutama@vuw.ac.nz

Supervisors: Professor Miriam Lips and Dr Kathleen Kuehn (School of English, Film, Theatre and Media Studies)


Wahyu is a lecturer in Communication Department, Universitas Paramadina, Indonesia, and has taught courses on Theory of Communication, Mass Communication, and Political Communication. He was previously a researcher at Jakarta-based NGO The Habibie Center, and worked for Indonesia’s Regional Representative Board (the Indonesia’s second chamber of parliament). Wahyu is the recipient of an NZAID Scholarship.


Master's in Political Communication, University of Indonesia

Research interests

Wahyu's research interests include areas such as political participation, political communication, intercultural communication, and the new media. His current thesis project is interested to investigate the roles of social media in influencing Indonesian youth political participation. Using both survey and in-depth interview, his research aims to propose explanations on how social media are used by Indonesian youth to construct the meaning of politics and engage with various political activities.


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