Ros Coote

Seeing stewardship as it unfolds: What will stewardship become in the context of New Zealand state sector reforms?

Ros Coote, DGov student
Ros Coote, DGov student


Supervisors: Associate Professor Karl Lofgren and Dr Elizabeth Eppel


Ros is a part-time Doctor of Government (DGov) student with the School of Government. Her public service career spans over twenty years in New Zealand government central agencies. This includes ten years in the e-government programme and the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer.


  • Master of Business in IT, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • BA in English Literature, Victoria University of Wellington

Research interests

Ros Coote’s research interest is in large-scale changes that aim to alter the shape of the public sector. Research for her Masters thesis identified common success factors across projects to establish all-of-government intranets in Australia and the U.K. Her doctoral research looks at stewardship reform and a shift to medium to long term planning currently occuring in the New Zealand state sector.

Current research

In the public sector reform context, theories of institutional change are silent about what practitioners actually do in order to translate reform ideas into practice. Traditional approaches emphasise the key actions of reform leaders that make change occur. Taking a theoretical point of departure in discursive institutionalism (Schmidt, 2008) this research looks at one reform as a case study of the interaction between ideas, people, and institutions. The aim of the research is better understanding of how ideas start to become practices that may lead to institutional change.