Masashi Yui

An exploration of the relationship between government type and bureaucratic structural reorganisation in New Zealand, 1960-2014

Masashi Yui, PhD student
Masashi Yui, PhD student


Office: PhD Space, Level 1, Rutherford House, Pipitea Campus, Wellington 6011

Supervisors: Dr Amanda Wolf


Masashi is a PhD candidate from Japan. He is looking at impacts of electoral-system change in New Zealand on government restructuring through comparison of different government types (e.g., single-party majority and coalition minority). In addition to his PhD research, Masashi has been a tutor for undergraduate courses PUBL 211 Introduction to Public Management and PUBL310 Innovations in Public Policy.

Research interests

Masashi’s research interests are relationships between politics and public administration, comparative public administration reform, bureaucracy, and public administration in New Zealand.