Jeroen van der Heijden

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Chair in Regulatory Practice School of Government


  • MSc, PhD (Delft University of Technology)

Research interests

How can we achieve desired societal outcomes in areas such as city planning, healthcare and agriculture without the traditional force of law? What strategies are required for government and others to excel in regulatory stewardship? Whether is experimentation and collaboration between governments, businesses and civil society a requirement to boost governance performance?


Professor Jeroen van der Heijden is the inaugural Chair of Regulatory Practice at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (School of Government). He works at the intersection of regulation and governance, with a specific interest in regulatory stewardship and dynamic governance regimes. The Chair's research aims to help finding suitable local, national and international governance responses to some of the most pressing challenges of our time: climate change, resource depletion, and growing inequalities across the world population.

Professor van der Heijden previously held positions at the Australian National University (School of Regulation and Global Governance), the University of Amsterdam (College of Law), Delft University of Technology (Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management), and Wageningen University (Environmental Policy Group). He received a PhD in Public Administration (highest honours) in 2009, and a MSc in Architecture (high distinction) in 2002, both from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.

Since 2011, Professor van der Heijden has lead three large scale international comparative research projects on urban climate governance, funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research and the Australian Research Council. He will continue this research track as part of the Chair's work.


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for 2016 best article award

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