Graham Hassall

Associate Professor
School of Government

Teaching in 2020


  • BA(Hons), B.Ed, PhD (ANU)

Research interests

Graham’s principal research interests are Public Governance in the Pacific Islands, and Global Studies. Specific research topics include:

  • Parliaments, democracy, and electoral systems
  • Public leadership
  • Peace, security, and conflict resolution
  • United Nations studies
  • Pacific Island States and Global Governance
  • Global Public Policy networks

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Graham commenced as Associate Professor, Public Policy and Administration, in the School of Government in 2010 after teaching at the University of the South Pacific 2004-2009, Landegg Academy in Switzerland 2000-2003, and the University of Melbourne 1990-2000. He has also had visiting positions at the University of Papua New Guinea, the National Research Institute in Papua New Guinea, the Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University, Japan, and the School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

He has participated in a range of academic, professional and policy networks, including LAWASIA; Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand Electoral Administrators (PIANZEA); Asia Pacific Mediation Forum (APMF); Global Project for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC Pacific); Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections (BRIDGE); the UNDP’s Informal technical Conflict Prevention and Recovery Consultative Group (CPR CG) for the Pacific region; the Pacific Islands Forum’s Forum Regional Security Committee (FRSC); the Commonwealth Local Government Forum - Pacific Project (CLGF); Emerging Pacific Leaders Dialogue (EPLD), and the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Commonwealth Pacific Forum of Central Agencies.

Other engagements have included the Pacific Human Resources for Health Alliance (WHO, 2008-9); the Informal Settlements Reference Group (NZ Aid, 2007); the “Peace, Stability and Development Assessment Advisory Group” (Ministry of National Unity and Reconciliation, Fiji, 2006); the PIANZEA-BRIDGE Advisory Group (2006 – 2009); and the “Fiji Good Local Governance campaign” steering group (Ministry of Local Government and Commonwealth Local Government Forum, 2006).

In recent years Graham has undertaken projects for the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, UNDESA, UNDP, Commonwealth Local Government Forum, Global Integrity, and the Commonwealth Secretariat; and has participated in public sector training programs for ANZSOG (PACE), the Fiji Public Service Commission, the Fiji Police, and the Australian Public Service Commission (Pacific Program). He currently serves on the advisory board of the Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance, and the New Zealand Centre for Global Studies. He was President of the United Nations Association of New Zealand 2012-16. Since 2014 he has been Academic Director of the Papua New Guinea Foreign Service Training Programme.

Recent publications


  • Hassall, G. & Cheryl Saunders, Asia Pacific Constitutional Systems, Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, 2002.

Book chapters and articles

  • Hassall G. (2016) Democracy in the Pacific: Tensions between "System and Life-world". In: Holtz A, Kowasch M, Hasenkamp O (eds) A Region in Transition: Politics and Power in the Pacific Island Countries. Saarbrücken: Saarland University Press, 313-360.
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Recent conference and seminar presentations

  • (2016) ”The International Legislature: The UN General Assembly and the Inter Parliamentary Union: Collaborators or rivals?”, “We the Peoples: Global Citizenship and Constitutionalism”: A conference convened by the New Zealand Centre for Global Studies, the United Nations Association of New Zealand, and the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, 22nd July.
  • (2016) - G20 Interfaith Summit: Pacific Region Pre-Conference: Religion and Sustainable Development in the Pacific, Suva, Fiji, 2-4 May.
  • (2016)- “The “March of Folly” reaches the Pacific: Pacific States participation in United Nations Climate Change Diplomacy”. In the Eye of the Storm: Pacific Climate Change Conference, Victoria University of Wellington, 15-17 February.
  • (2015) “Challenges of innovation in public services in Small Island States”, 12th Pacific Public Service Commissioners’ Conference, Niue, 16th -17th September.
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  • Hassall, G., & Rowena Cullen,(2014) “eGovernment in SIDS: the case of Samoa”, The Samoa Conference III, Apia, 26th -29th August.
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