Claudia Scott

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Emeritus Professor (Public Policy) School of Government


Teaching in 2020


  • ONZM
  • BA (Mt Holyoke)
  • MA and PhD (Duke)

Research interests

  • policy analysis and advising
  • local government strategic policy and planning
  • health policy.


Claudia Scott is an Emeritus Professor of Public Policy at Victoria University of Wellington and coordinates and teaches post-graduate courses in policy analysis and advising, regulatory policy, and local government. She served as Professor of Public Policy at the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) from 2003-2014 and was involved in the design and delivery of several policy-related courses in the Masters of Public Administration Executive Programme. She was appointed as an ANZSOG Fellow in 2015.

Professor Scott is co-author (with Karen Baehler) of Adding Value to Policy Analysis and Advising (2010, UNSW Press). She was Project Leader of the FRST Local Futures Research Project on Strategic Planning and Policy in Local Government which examined strategic policy and planning practices under the LGA 2002 and subsequent amendments. Research outputs from the project included several publications and working papers including two monographs published by the Institute of Policy Studies in 2006 and 2011. Professor Scott has maintained teaching and research activities relating to the local government sector.

She continues her long-standing interest in the design and delivery of public and tailored short courses, workshops, and programmes which enhance policy capability and performance in the public sector.

Selected publications


  • Scott, C., Reid, M. and McNeill, J. (2011), Local Futures Research Project, Local Government Strategic Planning: in Theory and Practice, Institute of Policy Studies, 2011
  • Scott, C. and Baehler, K. (2010) Adding Value to Policy Analysis and Advising, Sydney, UNSW Press.
  • Scott, C. and Reid, M. (2006) Local Futures Research Project, Local Government, Strategy and Communities, Institute of Policy Studies.
  • Scott, C. D. (2001) Public and Private Roles in Health Care: Experiences from Severn OECD Countries, NSW, Allen & Unwin.


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Conference presentations

Professor Scott attends international conferences in the US and Australia where she presents research and contributes as a discussant or invited panellist on various public policy and public management topics. She often attends conferences organised by the Association of Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) and the Network of Schools of Public Administration and Affairs (NASPAA). She also contributes to conferences and workshops organised by universities, Institutes of Public Administration and public sector organisations in New Zealand and Australia.


Teaching in 2020