Barbara Allen

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Senior Lecturer School of Government


Teaching in 2020


  • PhD Public Policy (Carleton University, Canada)
  • MBA (Universite d’Ottawa, Canada)
  • Hons BA Politics & History (Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston)

Research interests

  • procurement policy/procurement as socio-economic policy instrument
  • global trade agreements and institutional architecture of public spending and accountability
  • role of procurement in advancing better government and economic development
  • theories of governance
  • mechanisms of implementation – social impact bonds, commissioning
  • public services and local government.


Barbara is Senior Lecturer in Public Management at the School of Government. Barbara has held academic roles at the University of Nottingham, School of Sociology and Social Policy, the Institute of Public Management and Governance, Warwick Business School, and the Institute of Local Government Studies at the University of Birmingham. Barbara has been involved in a wide array of research programmes spanning current public policy and management problems. She is an expert in strategic public procurement and is interested in associated problems at the nexus of public, private and the social sectors.

Throughout her time in the UK (2005-2015) Barbara developed considerable expertise in public services commissioning, providing policy and implementation projects to a wide range of organisations. At Birmingham, Barbara was lead researcher and subsequently co-director of a large centrally funded programme, the Evaluation of the Local Government Procurement Agenda 2005 -2009. Barbara has recently spoken at Auditor’s General launch of their review of public procurement, at the Trans-Tasman Business Circle, the GovProcure conference and is a member of the reference panel on Commissioning and Contracting for the Australian Public Services Review. Previously Barbara has spoken to the OECD on electronic procurement, advised Sanofi Pasteur on strategic vaccine procurement, and presented research on African SME supplier relationships with government in Uganda. Barbara spent 10 years in the Canadian Air Force as a Captain in Logistics.

Barbara’s current PhD students are analysing Public-Private Partnerships in Vietnam,and exploring Artificial Intelligence and Leadership.  Her two Masters of Commerce by Thesis students are studying the rules-based procurement regime in New Zealand, and the collaboration in the social sector in New Zealand.  Barbara currently supervises four other Masters research papers.

Barbara is the Coordinator for the Graduate Pathway Programme.  She is very interested in digital education and recently completed the PHELT course Learning and Teaching with Digital Technology.

Selected publications

  • Allen, B., Hannant, A., Jackson, B., Morrissey, L. and Tiernan, A.(2019) In press. "Promises and Challenges of Business-Led Social Innovation for Social Policy in Australasia" in edited book The Oxford Handbook on Governance and Managementfor Social Policy – Promising Practices and Emerging Challenges, Oxford University Press
  • Eppel, E. and Allen, B. (2019) In press. "From institutional disaggregation towards virtual reintegration: The implications for service design and delivery" in edited book The Oxford Handbook on Governance and Management for Social Policy – Promising Practices and Emerging Challenges, Oxford University Press.
  • Allen, B., Tamindael, L., Bickerton, S., and Cho, W. (2019) ‘Does citizen coproduction lead to better urban services in smart cities projects? An empirical study on e-participation in a mobile big data platform’, Government Information Quarterly , {available online},
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Teaching in 2020