Professor Arthur Grimes

Professor and Chair of Wellbeing and Public Policy
School of Government

Teaching in 2020


Arthur Grimes is a Professor at the School of Government, Wellington School of Business and Government, and inaugural holder of the Chair of Wellbeing and Public Policy. He is also a Senior Fellow at Motu Economic and Public Policy Research in Wellington.

Arthur has a background both as a research economist and as a senior public policy official. He was Reserve Bank of New Zealand Chairman from 2003-2013, where he was previously Chief Economist. He served on the Financial Markets Authority board from 2011-2017. Other past policy roles include Chair of the Postal Network Access Committee, and member of various official taskforces covering tax, urban planning, infrastructure, and superannuation.

Arthur has served as Adjunct Professor of Economics at each of Victoria University of Wellington, University of Auckland, and University of Waikato, and was Director of Victoria University of Wellington’s Institute of Policy Studies from 1998-2002.

Private sector roles include Chair of the Hugo Group, and past roles as Chief Executive of Southpac Investment Management and Chief Economist of National Bank of New Zealand.

Arthur received his BSocSc(Hons) from University of Waikato (in economics and sociology) and his MSc and PhD from London School of Economics. At LSE he was awarded the Sayers Prize in monetary economics, the Ely Devons Prize and the Robert McKenzie Prize.

Awards include the NZIER Economics Award, NZ-UK Link Visiting Professorship to the University of London, Distinguished Alumni Award (University of Waikato) and Honorary Professorship (University of Waikato). Arthur has served as President of the New Zealand Association of Economists and as Co-editor of New Zealand Economic Papers.

He has been Principal Investigator of three Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund grants, his most recent being in the field of Wellbeing and Sustainability.

Areas of potential PhD supervision

  • All aspects of wellbeing and sustainability in relation to public policy
  • Urban, housing and infrastructure policy-related issues
  • Central banking policy and governance

Arthur has specialist expertise in supervising applied studies involving statistical methods designed to test hypotheses relating to wellbeing, urban and central banking policy topics.

Selected publications

Wellbeing and related topics

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Central banking

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Teaching in 2020