Andrea Parosanu

Dr Andrea Parosanu profile picture

Research Fellow – Restorative Justice Programme School of Government


  • First State Examination in Law (University of Greifswald), 2000
  • Second State Examination in Law (Landgericht Dortmund), 2003
  • LL.M. Crim. (University of Greifswald), 2007
  • Dr. jur. (University of Greifswald), 2014

Research interests

  • Restorative Justice with juveniles
  • Restorative Justice in the context of elder harm and domestic violence
  • Comparative youth justice
  • Community-based alternatives to incarceration


Dr. Andrea Păroşanu joined the Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice in 2016 as a Research Fellow.

Andrea studied law at the Universities of Greifswald, Germany and San Sebastián, Spain. Her interest in restorative justice began when she participated in a European-Canadian exchange programme on “Victimization, Mediation and Restorative Justice” at the University of Regina, Canada. Andrea completed her PhD thesis on juvenile justice in Romania including a comparison to the German juvenile justice system at the University of Greifswald.

Andrea has been involved in EU-funded research projects focusing on restorative and juvenile justice, including “Juvenile Justice Systems in Europe – Reform Developments and Good Practices” and “Restorative Justice in Penal Matters in Europe”, coordinated by the Department of Criminology, University of Greifswald. Furthermore, she has worked as a mediation trainer and facilitator in dialogue-based youth processes in Germany. Andrea has published in the fields of restorative justice, juvenile justice and delinquency, and criminal law. She has also given talks at various international conferences and workshops in these fields.

Selected publications

Păroşanu, A. (2018). Jugendstrafrecht in Neuseeland im Lichte aktueller Reformentwicklungen. Zeitschrift für Jugendkriminalrecht und Jugendhilfe 29, p. 331-337.

Păroşanu, A. (2017): Elder Harm and Restorative Practices. A Literature Review. Occasional Papers in Restorative Justice. Wellington: The Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice, Victoria University of Wellington.

Păroşanu, A. (2016): Juvenile Justice in Romania – Reform Trends, Legal Aspects, Sentencing Practice and Imprisonment Trends. Revista de Estudios de la Justicia 25. Santiago de Chile: Universidad de Chile.

Păroşanu, A. (2016): A Review of European Standards on Restorative Justice and Domestic Violence. Occasional Papers in Restorative Justice Practice. Wellington: The Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice, Victoria University of Wellington.

Păroşanu, A. (2016): Jugendstrafrecht in Rumänien – Historische, kriminologische, rechtliche und rechtspolitische Aspekte. Mönchengladbach: Forum Verlag Godesberg.

Păroşanu, A., Pruin, I., Grzywa-Holten, J., Horsfield, P. (eds.) (2015): Alternatives to Custody for Young Offenders and the Influence of Foster Care in European Juvenile Justice. Brussels: International Juvenile Justice Observatory.

Dünkel, F., Horsfield, P., Păroşanu, A. (eds.) (2015): European Research on Restorative Juvenile Justice. Volume 1: Research and Selection of the Most Effective Juvenile Restorative Justice Practices in Europe: Snapshots from 28 EU Member States. Brussels: International Juvenile Justice Observatory.

Păroşanu, A. (2015): Country Report Romania. In: Dünkel, F., Grzywa-Holten, J., Horsfield, P. (eds.), Restorative Justice and Mediation in Penal Matters – A stock-taking of legal issues, implementation strategies and outcomes in 36 European countries. Vol. 2. Mönchengladbach: Forum Verlag Godesberg, p. 697-724.

Păroşanu, A. (2013): The Country Reports on Restorative Justice: Germany. In: Pitsela, A., Symeonidou-Kastanidou, E. (eds.), Restorative Justice in Criminal Matters. Comparative Research in 11 European Countries. Vol. 1, Athens, Thessaloniki: Sakkoulas Publications, p. 77–101.

Păroşanu, A., Balica, E., Bălan, A. (2013): Mediation in Penal Matters in Romania. Evaluation Study and Perspectives. Bucharest: C.H. Beck.