Ralph Lattimore

Ralph Lattimore is an Honorary Fellow of the School of Government and a consulting economist in Hope, Tasman. He is a former Professor of International Trade Policy at Lincoln University and has worked extensively on economic transformation.

His recent publications include:

  • International Trade: Free, Fair and Open? (2009), with Patrick Love, OECD Insight Series, Paris: OECD.
  • The International Economic Order and Trade Architecture (2009), with Javier Reyes and Martina Garcia, Spatial Economic Analysis, Vol 4, Issue 1 March, pp 73 – 102.
  • Australia and New Zealand (2009), with Kym Anderson, Peter Lloyd and Donald MacLaren, Chapter 5 in Distortions to Agricultural Incentives: A Global Perspective 1955-2007, Kym Anderson ed, Palgrave MacMillan and the World Bank.