Stefan Krawczyk

Victoria University of Wellington alumnus, Stefan, uses data science and software engineering to help clients find clothes that they love at Stitch Fix.

Stefan stands in front Wellington city, wearing glasses and a cap.

Stefan completed a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics in 2005, and a BSc with Honours in Computer Science in 2006. “I had a great relationship with the faculty, especially in the later years as the classes were small and I could really dig into the subjects I was interested in.”

After, Stefan moved to the United States and pursued a Master of Computer Science at Stanford University. “I’ve been working in the Silicon Valley ‘tech’ industry ever since, straddling software engineering and data science. I’ve worked for LinkedIn, Nextdoor, and now Stitch Fix.”

Stitch Fix is an online personalized styling service that serves 2.9 million clients in the U.S., with plans to enter the UK in 2019. The company blends the art of personal styling with the science of machine learning to surprise and delight clients. Stitch Fix is powered by dozens of algorithms and leverages them across styling, operations, merchandising, inventory management, marketing and more. Stefan is part of the Algorithms team that enables Data Scientists by building robust and powerful technologies to create, store, access, and compute algorithms.

It’s hard for Stefan to pin down one highlight of his career, “Pitching and implementing internal innovation programs at LinkedIn and Nextdoor, helping to build and drive experimentation frameworks at Nextdoor and Stitch Fix, and building internal software at all companies to help improve workflows as they scale and grow are just a few of the highlights so far”.

“I want to continue to work with a team that builds innovative technical infrastructure for Data Scientists and the business in general. I’m hoping to grow into a thought leader in this area, and be able to contribute back by open sourcing what we build so that more people can utilise it.”