Seyedvahid Amirinezhad

Whilst completing his PhD in Mathematics, Seyedvahid made the most of the opportunities that Wellington afforded him.

Seyedvahid Amirinezhad on graduation day.

“Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Mathematics and Statistics is one of the best examples of a truly supportive community. It didn’t feel like a hierarchical organisation” says Seyedhavid, who thinks the School of Mathematics and Statistics is a great example of an inclusive academic community.

“My research interest is the field of kinetics, and I appreciated the support of my supervisor Dr Peter Donelan. He is one of the pioneering researchers in the field, a great supervisor and a knowledgeable teacher. Not only that, but he is fascinated by Iranian culture, which we discussed many times”

While completing his PhD, Seyedvahid relished the opportunity to tutor several papers in Mathematics. “I am so glad that the School let me tutor some papers. It was a unique and valuable experience that let me feel I was giving back to my community,” he said.

And it wasn’t just through tutoring that Seyedvahid gave back. “Wellingtonians are truly willing to be kind and generous to others. Whilst living there, I had the chance to do several volunteering jobs. Joining the Red Cross was the most significant personal experience I had—I was part of a group of volunteers that helped refugees integrate into the community smoothly.”

Soon after submitting his PhD thesis, Seyedvahid was offered a six-month Research and Development career grant from Callaghan Innovation. He joined an IT company in Auckland as a Technical Business Analyst, giving him an opportunity to use the analytical skills that he honed through his studies. “It has been a valuable experience that has helped me explore a new area and obtain practical skills in project development and business management.”