Kylie Reiri

Kylie completed a Master of Science in Applied Statistics at this University and has been involved with data ever since.

Kylie Reiri, wearing a white shirt and black jacket, stands in front of a white background.

She has worked for a number of different governmental departments and has analysed data for most of them.

“Until recently I worked for the Social Investment Agency where I managed a team of 10 data scientists. I loved the variety in that job – from speaking to Ministers and other decision-makers about how to use data and evidence to make better decisions, to programming and working directly with data to answer questions, to presenting and talking about the work I do.

“I now work for Nicholson Consulting, an analytics and data science consultancy.”

Informed by science

“The data and technology we have available to us now has changed rapidly over the last five years. This means the way we are working is changing, and the types of questions we can now answer are new. Better decisions are made when they are informed by science.”

Her advice for future students…

“Data science covers a range of capabilities—mathematics, statistics, communication, coding, computer science, software engineering, data visualisation, data wrangling, understanding the business context.... You're not expected to master everything. Acknowledge they are all necessary parts, but don't stretch yourself too thin by trying to master them all.

“The learning doesn't stop when you leave university. A good data scientist will continue to learn every day.”