Grace Clendon

With a Bachelor's in Ecology and Biodiversity, Grace decided that a Master of Applied Statistics would help set her up for a career in conservation.

Master's candidate, Grace Clendon, stands in front of green vegetation at Kelburn campus.

“I enjoyed my statistics courses in undergraduate study and the statistics I did in biology courses to analyse data. I love problem solving and finding practical solutions. The skills I’ve developed through this programme will be very useful in future employment. One day, I hope to work to improve sustainable resource use and to make a positive contribution to the world through the skills I’m learning now,” says Grace.

Grace has been given the opportunity to help out undergraduate students with statistics, which she thoroughly enjoys: “It’s fantastic to get new perspectives and see how far I’ve come. I have also been involved with high school math competitions, which was also a great experience."

“Wellington is easy to get around by walking and with public transport. There are a lot of parks and green spaces throughout the city, where I can enjoy nature and get away from city life and it’s close to good hiking areas. There are also a lot of sporting and cultural events and opportunities,” she says.