Emma Vitz

Emma started with a single major in Psychology but found she really enjoyed the statistics element, and began taking more and more statistics courses.

Emma Vitz in front of a dark background.

By the end of her degree, she knew she wanted to go into a role that focused on statistics and data science.

“The University gave me a strong theoretical background and taught me to think in an analytical and critical way.

“While studying, I did an internship at TradeMe, which was really helpful in learning how to deal with messy data, writing SQL and working on client projects under time pressure.

“Working with messy data is a huge part of working in the real world and it was great to have that experience through the internship. A data science major with a strong practical focus will allow students to gain the skills that are needed for the industry.”

Emma now works as an Actuarial Analyst at Finity Consulting, “It’s technically rigorous while still being commercial. I really like that the work I do contributes to predictive analytics, as opposed to just being descriptive. We’re trying to predict what will happen in the future, which is challenging and fascinating.

“I’m going to be working towards my qualification as an actuary for the foreseeable future, while also developing my skills in machine learning and data analytics.”