Clea Molano

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics graduate Clea Molano now works as a data analyst at Garage Project.

Clea Molano sits at a table with a laptop in front of her and a blackboard with white chalk writing behind her.

When Clea started studying at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington she was under the impression that Mathematics and Statistics would be very narrow subject areas, but soon found that there was actually a huge amount of variety within both majors.

“During my degree I started to realise that data visualisation was really important. I began taking more and more related courses and, in my final year, several new Data Science courses were introduced," Clea says.

“I began working for a media analysis company, MacNamara Research, during my final year. That was all about visualisation and data wrangling. I realised that a big part of any data analyst role is being able to collect data and put it into the format that you want. And that’s something that I learnt through the Data Science courses at University.”

Clea now works as the data analyst for Garage Project. “I do a lot of sales reporting—looking at what beer we’re selling and who we’re selling too. We’re also combining sales data with social media data," she explains.

“The role is brand new so I’ve found that there isn’t really a typical day—I’m updating dashboards and reports but I’m also building the infrastructure around the data.”