Welcome from the Head of the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Dr Peter Donelan
AProf Ivy Liu

Kia Ora! Welcome to the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

The School offers a wide range of research and teaching programmes to answer some of the deep problems in this data-rich age. Our undergraduate majors include Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science, and Actuarial Science. In recent years the School has been very active to develop courses that advance many fields across the sciences, engineering, commerce, humanities, social sciences, architecture and design.

Starting in 2019, we offer Data Science as a possible major in three undergraduate degree programmes, to recognise the widespread importance of data literacy. Students can benefit by combining our majors with those from other fields. Any major from the School of Mathematics and Statistics enhances career opportunities and makes the choice of career pathways extraordinarily broad.

Postgraduate studies cover taught or research-based programmes. The School’s teaching and research are highly regarded by the national and international research community. Our academics consistently attract national and international grants with a high success rate. Many have received prestigious awards due to their outstanding research. For their own research, thesis students have a wide variety of topics and supervisors to choose from.

We are proud to provide a friendly environment for all students in our diverse School, with the excellent support of our administrative staff. I am looking forward to meeting you.

A/Prof Ivy Liu

Head of School