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Statistics Professor School of Mathematics and Statistics


Teaching in 2020


My research speciality is the study of mobile wireless systems underpinned by a mathematical approach to engineering design and analysis that makes extensive use of statistics and probability. The first component of my general research area is the development of state of the art transmitter and receiver architectures for future mobile radio systems. This is largely based on statistical signal processing techniques. The second component is the fundamental analysis of wireless links involving probabilistic system analysis, statistical modelling, distribution theory and information theory. My current research direction in wireless research is based on 5th generation cellular systems (5G). These systems are providing extensive mathematical and engineering challenges in both design and analysis. Further details of my research publications can be found at:

Research Network

At VUW I collaborate closely with Dr Pawel Dmochowski in the School of Engineering and Computer Science. Overseas, I have active collaborations with international research groups in the UK (University of Oxford, University of Bristol and Queen’s University Belfast), Italy (University of Bologna), Sweden (University of Lund) and Australia (University of Melbourne).

Information for Prospective PhD students

Professor Smith is interested in many aspects of communication theory as well as statistics and applied probability.  He supervises students in both Statistics and Electrical Engineering. Relevant publications can be found by following the link above.  Potential PhD candidates wishing to conduct research in these areas are encouraged to make contact before applying to Victoria University of Wellington.

Recent Awards and Fellowships

2019,  Awarded a Melbourne School of Engineering Visiting Fellowship by the University of Melbourne, Australia (June 2019).

2018,  Awarded a Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professorship by the Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of Bristol, England (July-August).

2018, Awarded a Visiting Fellowship by the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Bologna, Italy (September-October).

2017, Appointed Honorary Professor in the School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Queens University Belfast.

2017, Awarded a Distinguished Visiting Fellowship by the UK based Royal Academy of Engineering at Queens University Belfast.2016, Awarded a Royal Society of New Zealand, James Cook Research Fellowship for 2017- 2018.

2016, Appointed Adjunct Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

2015, Elected Fellow of the IEEE.

2014, Erskine Visitor in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford.

2011, Co-author of the best paper in communication theory at the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2011).

2010, Recipient of the University of Canterbury, College of Engineering Research Award.

Graduate Students

I have supervised many PhD students in both Electrical Engineering and Statistics. Past graduates have gone on to work in industry, government and academia. Four PhD students have won awards for best paper or best presentation at IEEE conferences.


Teaching in 2020