AProf Peter Donelan

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Associate Professor School of Mathematics and Statistics


Teaching in 2020

Research interests

Singularity theory, geometry, applications to robotics, robot manipulators and mechanisms


BSc Hons (Bristol), PhD (Southampton)

About me

My research has centred around singularity theory and its application in mathematical robotics, where there is a wide range of problems involving interesting geometry. Relevant language and tools come from algebraic geometry, especially the theory of invariants and Gröbner bases, differential geometry and Lie groups. I have taught graduate courses in all these topics and they feature in my published research.

From 2001-04 and 2013-18, I was head of school.  During those terms, I aimed to ensure students have the best possible education in the mathematical sciences, whether they enjoy the theoretical and abstract aspects or understanding how they can be used to solve problems in so many other fields. Both of these make mathematics and statistics students among the most sought after graduates in employment. I have worked with colleagues on the development of new programmes in actuarial science, applied statistics and data science, and developed close links with engineering and computer science as well as strong connections with schools and secondary teachers. The mathematical sciences have also maintained and grown a fine reputation as one of the university’s leading research centres, attracting funding both in New Zealand and internationally.


I am currently working on problems in singularities in parallel robot kinematics, invariant theory and the classification of mechanisms, and pseudoinverses for non-Riemannian metrics and their application. Loveday Kempthorne’s PhD thesis on mathematics and poetry, including the Romanian mathematician/poet Dan Barbilian/Ion Barbu, has sparked a separate avenue of research interest.

Supervision interest

I will supervise postgraduate projects in singularity theory, especially with application to kinematics, and other aspects of the geometry of motion using techniques of algebraic geometry and Lie theory.

Master’s and PhD students

Seyedvahid Amirinezhad (PhD, 2019): A Constraint-Based Approach to Manipulator Kinematics and Singularities

Loveday Kempthorne (PhD, joint with Translation Studies, 2015): Relations between Modern Mathematics and Poetry: Czesław Miłosz; Zbigniew Herbert; Ion Barbu/Dan Barbilian

Amani Ahmed Otaif (MSc, 2013): Constraint Equations for a Planar Parallel Platform

Mohammed Daher (PhD, 2013): Dual Numbers and Invariant Theory of the Euclidean Group with Applications to Robotics

Deborah Crook (MSc, 2009): Polynomial Invariants of the Euclidean Group Action on Multiple Screws

Sandra Chapman (MSc, 1995): The Geometry of the Point-Path Generated by Rigid Body Motion in Two and Three Dimensions

Christopher Scott (MSc, 1992): Real Inflexions of the Four-Bar Coupler Curve

List of selected publications

S. Amirinezhad and P. Donelan, Input and output singularities for parallel manipulators, in Proc. IFToMM World Congress, Krakow 2019, Springer (2019) (10pp), to appear

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Teaching in 2020