Dr Louise McMillan

Lecturer in Computational Mathematics and Statistics
School of Mathematics and Statistics

Teaching in 2020


MMath University of Cambridge, MSc (Statistics) University of Auckland, PhD (Statistics) University of Auckland.

About me

During my undergraduate studies in mathematics I focused on particle physics and general relativity, but also studied complex analysis and differential geometry. After completing an MMath (colloquially known as "Part III") I worked for 4 years as a technical consultant, analysing data and developing algorithms for a wide range of industries including space, transport, defence and medical technology. I then worked for an operations research company, before moving to Auckland to do a masters degree in statistics.

The research component of my MSc, and my PhD, are in the field of statistical ecology, specifically population genetics. I have developed new techniques for visualizing genetic assignment data and population differentiation. The methods can be applied to any diploid species, though my focus has been on applications for conservation of endangered species and management of invasive pest species. My R package for genetic data visualization can be found at https:\\github.com\lfmcmillan\geneplot .

I am also working with Te Kupenga Hauora Māori within the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at the University of Auckland, analysing data relating to student outcomes.

My current postdoctoral research is focused on model-based clustering of mixed data types, working with Ivy Liu, Richard Arnold and Shirley Pledger.

Teaching in 2020