Dr Dimitrios Mitsotakis

Senior Lecturer in Engineering Mathematics
School of Mathematics and Statistics

Teaching in 2020


BSc, MSc, PhD

About me

Dimitrios Mitsotakis is a Mathematician, graduated from the University of Crete with the highest honors in the year 2000. He received a master’s degree in Applied and Numerical Analysis in the year 2003 and a PhD in Mathematics in 2007 from the University of Athens.

He is skilled in high performance computing at the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Center at The University of Edinburgh in the year 2000. Dimitrios visited the Université Paris-Sud (2008-2010) as a Marie Curie researcher, the IMA Postdoctoral Associate, at the University of Minnesota (2010-2012) as an associate postdoc and the University of California, Merced (2012-2014) as a visiting Assistant Professor. Dimitrios is currently a Senior Lecturer at the School of Mathematics and Statistics of Victoria University of Wellington.

Dimitrios is interested in the theory of water waves and in the numerical analysis of Partial Differential Equations. He develops numerical methods for the solution of models for water waves and he studies real-world applications such as the generation of tsunamis. Some of his main contributions are in the theory of Boussinesq systems for nonlinear and dispersive water waves. He has also developed numerical models for the simulation of the generation and propagation of tsunami waves and the dispersive run-up. He is also interested in interfacial water waves and waves in superfluids. Numerical methods of preference are Finite Element, Spectral, Finite Volume and Discontinuous Galerkin methods.

Research interest

Dimitrios’ research interests are mainly in Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equation, Fluid Mechanics, Scientific Computations and Nonlinear Waves.

Research groups

  • Dimitrios has several collaborations with researchers around the world. Here are some of his collaborators:
  • Dimitrios Antonopoulos (University of Athens, Greece)
  • Francois Blanchette (University of California, Merced, USA)
  • Jerry Bona (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)
  • Jean-Guy Caputo (Labratoire de Mathématiques de l’INSA de Rouen, France)
  • Leonid Chubarov (Institute of Computational Technologies, Novosibirsk, Russia)
  • Didier Clamond (Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, France)
  • Frederic Dias (University College, Dublin, Ireland)
  • Vassilios Dougalis (University of Athens, Greece)
  • Angel Duran (Universidad de Valladolid, Spain)
  • Denys Dutykh (Université de Savoi, France)
  • Mark Hoefer (North Carolina State University, USA)
  • Boaz Ilan (University of California Merced, USA)
  • Jean-Baptiste Apoung-Kamga (Université Paris Sud 11, France)
  • Henrik Kalisch (University of Bergen, Norway)
  • Theodoros Katsaounis (University of Crete, Greece)
  • Paul Millewski (University of Bath, UK)
  • Mark McGuinness (Victoria University of Wellington, NZ)
  • Céline Labart (Université de Savoie, France)
  • Angel Lopez-Marcos (Universidad de Valladolid, Spain)
  • Peter Olver (University of Minnesota, USA)
  • Jean-Claude Saut (Université Paris Sud 11, France)
  • Yuri Shokin (Institute of Computational Technologies, Novosibirsk, Russia)
  • Nina Shokina (University of Freiburg, Germany)
  • Costas Synolakis (University of Southern California, USA)

Research grants

Dimitrios has been the principal investigator of the following funded projects:

  • Principal Investigator, Marie Curie Research Training Grant No. PIEF-GA- 2008-219399 of the Commission of the European Communities, Theory and Numerical Analysis for Boussinesq systems with applications in coastal hydrodynamics (EUR170,000). (2008-2010)
  • Principal Investigator, Research Establishment Grant, Numerical solution of Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations (NZD5,000). (2015-2016)
  • Principal Investigator, Marsden Fund, Fast Start, Numerical solution of time- dependent multi-dimensional nonlinear dispersive wave equations with applications to coastal hydrodynamics (NZD400,000). (2015-2018)

While he participated as external collaborator in the following funded projects:

  • PYTHAGORAS I research program “Numerical Solution of P.D.E.’s, and mathematical models in Science and Technology” (EPEAEK II). (2004-2006)
  • “Computational methods for the numerical solution of P.D.E.’s of scientific and technological interest” Greek-Spanish joint research and technology program, GSRT. (2005)
  • "TRANSFER: Tsunami Risk and Strategies for the European Region”, FP6 STREP Contract No. 037058, IACM-FORTH. (2006-2007)
  • “Analysisand Numerical Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Wave problems” Greek-French joint research and technology program, GSRT. (2007-2008)

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Supervision interest

Applied mathematics, fluid mechanics, numerical analysis or scientific computing

List of selected publications

This is a complete list of my publications that is updated regularly.


Some very important contributions are the following:

Numerical solution of KdV-KdV systems of Boussinesq equations: I. The numerical scheme and generalized solitary waves, (with J. Bona and V. Dougalis), Mat. Comp. Simul., 74(2007), 214–228.

On some Boussinesq systems in two space dimensions: Theory and numerical analysis, (with V. Dougalis and J.-C. Saut), Math. Model. Num. Anal., 41(2007), 825–854.

Boussinesq systems in two space dimensions over a variable bottom for the generation and propagation of tsunami waves, Mat. Comp. Simul., 80(2009), 860-873.

Initial-boundary-value problems for Boussinesq systems of Bona-Smith type on a plain domain: theory and numerical analysis, (with V. Dougalis and J.-C. Saut), J. Sci. Comput. 44(2010), 109-135.

Finite volume schemes for dispersive wave propagation and run-up (with D. Dutykh and T. Katsaounis), Journal of Computational Physics, 230(2011), 3035-3061.

On the Galerkin/finite element method for the Serre equations. (with D. Dutykh and B. Ilan), J. Sci. Comp. 61(2014),

Numerical solution of the Benjamin equation. (with V. Dougalis and A. Duran), Wave Motion 52(2015), 194-215.

Teaching in 2020