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  • Beyond tariffs: the US-China trade war

    Hongzhi Gao from Victoria University of Wellington and Macquarie University's Monica Ren have been talking to businesses on both sides of the Tasman about the impact of the trade war and the opportunities it throws up in a time of COVID-19.

  • Air NZ has handled itself well in crisis

    As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, the majority of Air New Zealand’s flights have been cancelled and thousands of jobs are at risk at the airline. How is the company managing the crisis? Associate Professor Daniel Laufer talks to the experts.

  • A guide to cyber security in lockdown

    As many transition to unfamiliar systems as part of working from home, being vigilant about cyber security has never been more important, writes Associate Professor Val Hooper.

  • The delicate art of managing a crisis

    Who’s to blame when a crisis strikes? The psychology of blame, how crises unfold, ‘crisis contagion’ and what we can learn from them are grist to the mill for Wellington School of Business and Government's Associate Professor Dan Laufer.