Victoria University to host 21st ANZMAC conference in December

Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Marketing and International Business is hosting the 21st Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) conference on 2–4 December 2019 in Wellington. Over 300 people are expected to attend this high profile conference.

The annual ANZMAC conference is a leading source of marketing information, knowledge and research development among marketing academics and practitioners from Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

The theme for this year’s conference, ‘Winds of Change’, reflects the challenges marketers face in a world of technological, social and political upheaval.

“As New Zealand’s global-civic university we are all too aware of the Winds of Change that are assailing modern marketers throughout the world and the backdrop against which these changes and challenges play out,” says Associate Professor Val Hooper, Head of the School of Marketing and International Business.

“The technological, social and political environments in which marketers currently operate present some of the most serious challenges we have encountered for a long time, often providing complex, interwoven influences on marketing initiatives.”

Keynote speakers for the event include Professor John Deighton, Harvard Business School, and Professor Harald van Heerde, University of New South Wales, Sydney.

“The insights that Professor Deighton and Professor van Heerde will bring – as well as those of our other speakers – make this a conference not to be missed,” says Associate Professor Hooper.

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